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The paperback edition of Mystery Stories - click on the picture.  From creepy school computers to bungling bank robbers; from lost villages to deadly Christmas presents :



The Joslin de Lay Mysteries


The False Father  ISBN  0 439 99614 7

At last Joslin meets the mysterious figure who has secretly followed him across England into Wales.   But when this man tells him who he is,  Joslin’s world collapses round him.   However, having solved other people’s mysteries, now he is on the brink of solving his own.  The journey is long and hard, the clues he has followed all the way from France are riddling and not to be trusted, there are men and women dead on the way and the secret buried in the past is so hard to unearth.


        “Something’s wrong,” said Gyll.

                Joslin called softly.  “Hello.  We’re here.”

                No  answer.    He called again, louder.  Still no answer.

                “She’s still praying in her cell,” he said.  “We shouldn’t interrupt.”

        Even so, they silently approached  the hovel, listening for the mutter of prayers.  They heard nothing.

        “Shall we look in?” said Gyll.

        “Not if she’s praying,” Joslin answered.

        They listened again.  Complete silence.  They looked at each other.  A fearful

realisation was breaking on them.



Yule Logs now out !

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Christmas has always been and always will be a special time of year, a time either of great happiness or great sadness and sometimes both.   Here are eight stories of different Christmases, all of which are memorable in their different ways.

The stories are arranged in order of age: the first for young children, the last for adults.

There are two World War 2 stories, one which refers to it and one which refers to another war.  There’s a football story, a ghost story and  two stories with carols in them - and a lot more besides.   There’s a story about a really weird Christmas guest and another about a tumultuous family row.   All ordinary Christmases to start with, but which turn into being anything but ordinary.

Each story has a postscript telling what real memory lies behind it and how it came to be written.



Many of my earlier books are back in print via the Back-to-Front imprint of the Solidus Press. I have chosen some of my favourites to be rereleased by this new publisher. Here are some that you can read now :


The Great Football Treble

All three books are now available.  You can buy them by clicking on the titles :

Haunted United

Beautiful Games

Death Penalty


Two chilling ghost stories

You can buy them by clicking on the titles :

The Ghosts Who Waited

The Railway Phantoms